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Secure Your Steps in Modern Warfare

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Secure Steps in Modern Warfare

“Hello and welcome to ONEBERRY DEFENCE! We started ONEBERRY TECHNOLOGIES in 2003. Since inception, we combined brilliance of our team with the early adoption of cutting edge technologies such as fuel cells as the most reliable energy source and best of class IP cameras for reliable visual data and created many innovative solutions which became the main driver for our rapid growth in the field. Our quest for excellence led us to gain substantial knowledge and the highest credibility, and we became major provider of a wide range of innovative solutions to various government agencies which we proudly serve.

ONEBERRY DEFENCE is chartered to do the same; to apply our gained knowledge and our extensive experience to further create innovative solutions that are specifically made for military and defence applications, solutions that will secure your steps in modern warfare.”

Ken Pereira, CEO

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Intelligent Defence Solutions

Oneberry Defence is the provider of intelligent, cutting edge and reliable field
proven energy & surveillance solutions for defence and military applications.

Exclusive Partners

We are partners with major global defence companies with field proven products to introduce to our markets.

Successful Track Record

We proudly serve and provide to a wide range of government agencies where we have provided them innovative surveillance solutions in Singapore.

Innovator & Ground Breaker

Our quest for excellence has led us to design innovative, customised technology solutions to improve mission advantage.

Champion of productivity

We continuously seek to improve our client’s operations through technology.

We make our debut launch at Asia MilSim from 30 – 31 January 2018 Marina Bay Sands Singapore

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The Latest in Modern Warfare

From silent watch missions, to command and operation posts, we provide armies with intelligent, reliable field proven solutions to gain a competitive advantage in your mission.

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