EmilyCube 2500


EMILYCube 2500

EMILYCube 2500 combines a 100 W fuel cell based on the field proven EMILY 2200 fuel cell, a 6.8 Ah li-ion battery, and a 10 liter fuel cartridge in a lightweight, compact box.

This turnkey energy solution is quiet, reliable and user friendly, just like all SFC fuel cells. Weighing 13.5 kg (21.9 kg including 10 l fuel cartridge), the EMILYCube is a portable charging station or power supply that will immediately deliver reliable power when plugged in and connected to a fuel cartridge.

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To equip military operations and command posts, task forces require a reliable and self-sufficient power source. EMILY Cube ensures this. With a 100-Watt fuel cell, an integrated lithium ion battery and a 10-l fuel cartridge in a ruggedised housing, this total solution, weighing only 20 kg, can be used immediately anywhere. From a logistical point of view, transporting fuel cartridges of only 8.4 kg is much more efficient compared with batteries and diesel fuel required for generators. At a continuous power requirement of 100 W, EMILYCube reliably delivers more than 100 hours of power without user intervention. After those 100 hours, only the fuel cartridge has to be replaced, so the same self-sufficiency is available again. Replacing the fuel cartridge takes only a few seconds and can take place whilst the system is running ("hot swap"). With a partial load of e.g. 25 W, the self-sufficiency increases almost in direct proportion to 400 hours with a fuel cartridge of 10 litres. Combining the high energy density of the methanol fuel and the EMILY Cube technology, the use has a long duration silent power source compared with batteries or generators. Furthermore, EMILYCube generates power without detectable signatures.

Virtually silent operation compared to conventional generators

"Stand-alone" and "plug & play" energy solution for immediate use

Ideal power source for off-grid operations, field-based charging stations, radio relay stations, mobile ground radar and much more

Combined with the SFC Power Manager 3G, additional power generators and energy sources can be connected, as well as supplying several loads with power at the same time

Portable and robust with many uses

Easy operation

100 Watts for more than 100 hours with only one fuel cartridge

EMILYCube has been used by US Commands since 2012

The fuel cartridges are approved for air transport in accordance with UN3473

Charging performance per day* 2500 Wh

Nominal power 100W

Peak load Up to 150 W for 2 minutes

Nominal voltage 12.4 V - 30 V

Weight 13.3 kg without fuel cartridge 21.7 kg with an M10 fuel cartridge

Dimensions L x W x H 418 x 305 x 384 mm

Energy storage* 11.1 kWh (1 x M10 fuel cartridge)

Operating temperature -25 °C to +50 °C

Warranty 2 years/3000 operating hours

Military ruggedisation & electromagnetic compatibility MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 461

*All technical data under test conditions 20 °C / 68 °F.